The Hard -Wilthen AG is a company of the spirits industry in Norten - Hardenberg. According to information provided by the hard -Wilthen AG, the second-largest spirits maker in Germany. The shares are held exclusively by the family.


The company in its present form was established in 1998. However, the story goes back to 1700. This year, Fritz Dietrich von Hardenberg founded the distillery Hardenberg.

In 1971, the distillery Hardenberg took over the shares of the traditional Danziger Likörfabrik The salmon ( Established 1598 ).

After the German reunification, the company bought in 1992 Saxon distillery in Wilthen and integrated them into their company. The tradition of this house dates back to the year 1842. The acquisition also enabled the integration of another traditional brand, the Wilthener gold crown.

Since 2007 the company has been cooperating in the production with the Semper idem Underberg GmbH. Together, a joint production line was set up at the Saxon site in Wilthen. This is operated by the subsidiary was founded in 2006 Santa Barbara GmbH.

Well-known brands

The equipment manufactured and sold by the company brands are:

  • Original Danziger Goldwasser ( liqueur )
  • Hardenberg ( grain),
  • Little Boar (Liquors )
  • Lehment ( Clear )
  • Wilthener (brandy ).

The Hardenberg brand was voted the spirit Brand of the century 2010 in the division.

Product range

Hardenberg wheat grain ( " the boar head") has a high degree of popularity in Germany. Other products of hard -Wilthen AG

  • Schwartzhog,
  • Sambalita,
  • Helios,
  • Kugoloff,
  • Persiko,
  • Milder juniper,
  • Small wild boar,
  • Various mountain herbs,
  • Danziger Goldwasser,

With 26 million bottles sold per year Wilthener gold crown is the best-selling German spirit and the main product of the company.