HBL Pakistan

HBL ( Urdu حبيب بينك ) as Habib Bank Ltd.. Pakistan has its headquarters in the office tower Habib Bank Plaza in Karachi in Pakistan. It is the largest bank in the country and has over 1450 branches across the country and around the world an additional 55 stores. Your domestic market share of over 40 %, making it by far the market leader in the commercial banks. More than half of domestic transfers and more than 55 percent of foreign transfers can be made ​​from it. Habib Bank offers loans for small and medium-sized enterprises and farms as well as basic financial transactions for industry, trade and agriculture.


The Habib Bank was initiated in 1941 by the founding father of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Bombay. He could win the influential Habib family to get involved in the industry, thereby over the All-India Muslim League hoped for a better political influence of the Muslims in the country. After deduction of the British occupation aid money to compensate the victims were handled by the bank.

With the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the registered office was shifted to Karachi and so was Pakistan's first bank. 1951 were established in Sri Lanka, the first foreign offices in 1961 were the UK's first offices to Europe added, 10 years later to New York. Since 2009 there is also a branch in China, after a framework agreement had been concluded previously with Urumqi Commercial Bank.

The bank went international in 2004 in criticism, because their was assumed she supported through illegal cash payments indirectly terrorism.