HDBaseT is an A / V interface for transferring video in HD resolution.


The HDBaseT Alliance was formed by LG, Samsung, Sony and Valens Semiconductor 2009.


The data transmit uncompressed and copy protected over CAT5e/6-Ethernet-Kabel with ordinary RJ- 45 connectors. The cable length should be up to 100 m. A PoE power supply via the CAT5e/6-Kabel is possible. A transmission of Ethernet and USB channel via the same cable is provided.

To the connection conditions other than at the CAT standards are given in the HDBaseT. The connections must be as stable as possible and without any loose connection. It is not possible to resend erroneous bits at a live broadcast. In addition, solid copper cable ( no wires ) for signal transmission is of great importance.


  • Full HD Video
  • Multi-channel audio
  • Control (IR, RS- 232 bidirektikonal )
  • USB
  • The network (10 /100)
  • PoE power supply possible

Use of HDBaseT

The HDBaseT standard is used for the following products. The technique is often marketed with little brand-specific adaptations under different names.

  • AMX DXLink
  • Crestron DigitalMedia
  • Panasonic Digital Link ( projectors)
  • Universal Video Electronics HDT


  • HDMI
  • DiiVA