Heinrich Paulus

Heinrich Eberhard Gottlob Paulus ( born September 1, 1761 Leonberg, † August 10 1851 in Heidelberg ) was a Protestant theologian.

Paul, theological rationalism of the main, devoted to a scientific journey through Germany, Holland, England and France to the study of Oriental languages ​​, in 1789 Professor same. Jena and in 1793 full professor of theology at the University of Jena

In 1803 he went in the same capacity to Würzburg. In 1807 he came as a school board to Bamberg, Nuremberg 1808. In the same year Paul was a foreign member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. In 1810 he came to Ansbach 1811 and followed a reputation as a Privy Council of Churches and a professor at the University of Heidelberg.

Since 1844 retired, he died there on 10 August 1851. Heinrich Eberhard Gottlob Paulus rests on the Heidelberg hill cemetery in what is called the Professor series (Dept. D).

His theological direction was a pronounced intellectual, his whole way of looking at things and judge more legal than religious. Among his many writings are still known today:


  • New Repertory of Biblical and Oriental literature Jena 1790-91, 3 vols
  • Clavis on the Psalms, " 2nd edition, Heidelberg, 1815
  • Philological and critical and historical commentary on the New Testament 2nd Edition, Leipzig 1804-1808, 4 Tle
  • Sophronizon, or impartial, candid contributions to modern history, legislation and statistics of the states and churches Heidelberg. 1819-30
  • The thinking believers, theological journal. Heidelberg 1825-29
  • The Life of Jesus "Heidelberg. 1 828, 2 vols
  • Exegetical handbook on the first three Gospels ( Heidelberg. 1830-33, new ed 1841-42 )
  • New Sophronizon Darmstadt. 1841-42, 3 vols
  • Schelling's lectures on Revelation. Darmstadt 1843.

Best known by his David Friedrich Strauss heavily criticized wonder explanations have become.

His wife, Caroline Paul, born December 14, 1767 at Schorndorf as the daughter of a bailiff Paul, married to her cousin in 1789 and made ​​himself ( under the pseudonym Eleutheria Holberg ) by a number of novels, such as " Wilhelm Dümond " Lübeck 1805 * Adolf and Virginia Nuremberg. 1811 stories 1823 Heidelberg etc., a name. She died on 11 March 1844 in Heidelberg.