Hellsongs is a Swedish music group that was founded in Gothenburg in 2004.

The band covert known heavy metal music in a light, exhilarating style with pure acoustic instrumentation. Their debut album, Lounge, which was released only in Scandinavia, reached # 5 on the Swedish charts Sverigetopplistan. 2008 her first international album Hymns in the Key of 666 was published on Bodog Music Europe, rising in Sweden at # 9

On 11 November 2010, the singer Siri Bergnéhr suffered a slight stroke. After a break due to illness from November 2010 to January 2011, the band announced on 21 February 2011 to dissolve after a last concert in their hometown Gothenburg.

The decision to dissolve the group was later revised. In November 2011, the Group announced on its website the cooperation with the new lead singer of My Engström Renman and tour dates for 2012.

The band released in 2013 the album " These Are Evil Times ", which also included self-composed pieces for the first time. Bandleader Kalle opened the band other musical styles and sat for the first time a set of drums, electric guitars and keyboards. In the fall of 2013, the band went on an extensive European tour with a focus on Germany. Hellsongs has another tour plans in European countries and in 2014 will play some summer festivals. A new album, which will again have their own songs, is in preparation, with more cover versions can not be excluded.



  • 2006: Lounge ( EP)
  • 2008: Hymns in the Key of 666
  • 2009: Pieces of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell ( EP)
  • 2010: Minor Misdemeanors
  • 2012: Long Live Lounge
  • 2013: These Are Evil Times