Helmut Dietl

Helmut Dietl ( born June 22, 1944 in Bad Wiessee ) is a German film director and screenwriter.


After graduation Dietl studied theater and art history. He then became manager in television and later assistant director of the Munich Chamber games. Dietl applies since Monaco Franze as one of the most famous film directors in the German language area. He has developed several screenplays with Patrick Süskind; both are considered to be close friends.

Helmut Dietl was 1990 with Veronica Ferres dating to 1999, the relationship with her he worked in the film the Looking for and the Finding of Love. He was married three times before, including in a second marriage with Barbara Valentin. In 2002, he married Tamara Duve, daughter of politician and former frankness Duve ntv presenter, and lives with her ​​and their daughter in and around Munich.

From March 2011, the film turned Dietl Zettl. Political satire is a continuation of his television series Kir Royal and based on one of Dietl with Benjamin of Stuckrad -Barre wrote the screenplay. The story tells of the rise of the chauffeur Zettl (Michael "Bully" Herbig ) to the chief editor of an online magazine in Berlin. The film has cost 10 million euros and arrived on 2 February 2012 in the cinemas.

In November 2013 Dietl was in an interview with the weekly Die Zeit known that he had suffered a stroke in 2007. Moreover, it was beginning of October 2013 with lung cancer, the chances of recovery would be in the more than ten percent. "When you consider how much I smoked, it's almost a miracle that it 's been so long gone well. " Dietl said. He added that he had stopped smoking in 2007. More interviews about his illness would not give Dietl.

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