Henri Wernli

Henri Wernli ( born June 3, 1898 in Bern, † 1961) was a Swiss chair and freestyle wrestler.


Henri Wernli came from Bern and worked on from an early age with the Swiss national sport swing. The swinging is a sport wrestler, which is operated almost exclusively in Switzerland. Here are tournaments, usually carried out at gymnastics festivals. The swing is very similar to freestyle wrestling, as allowed with him, as opposed to Greco- Roman wrestling, and leg handles. For this reason, many Swiss oscillators used their skill and also started at championships in freestyle wrestling. Henri Wernli also managed it so and won at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924 the silver medal in the heavyweight division. He won it four fights and only lost in the final battle of the American Harry Steel. At the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, it did not go well for him. He landed there only on the 5th Place.

Other ways of starting as a freestyle wrestler had Henri Wernli not, since his time, neither Europe nor the world championships championships were held in freestyle wrestling amateur.

Success as a wrestler

(OS = Olympic Games, F = Freestyle, S = Heavy weight, then from 87 kg body weight)

Success as a vibrator

Henri Wernli was in 1926 when Federal Gymnastics Festival in Lucerne Swiss " champion wrestler " and 1932 at the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Festival in Aarau " Erstgekrönter ". These are the highest to be awarded in this sport awards.


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