Henry Constantine Richter

Henry Constantine Richter ( * 1821 in Brompton, † March 16, 1902 ) was a British animal illustrator who has worked closely with John Gould.

Life and work

Judge was the son of Henry James and Charlotte Sophia judge. Henry James Richter was a well known history painter and from 1811 to 1812 the President of the Associated Artists in Water -colors. He died in 1857. Henry Constantine Richter's career as an artist began in the 1840s with the illustrating of books and magazines. His first bird tables are published in the first and third volume of George Robert Gray's work Genera of Birds. Through these lithographs other ornithologists were attentive to judge. After the death of Elizabeth Gould Judge John Gould was contacted, who engaged him as an illustrator for his work The Birds of Australia. Judge took the bellows and sketches of Elizabeth and John Gould as a template to complete the lithographs. This work took seven years. Between 1844 and 1850 he helped John Gould when creating 32 drawings and lithographs for a book about the American quail. He also illustrated several issues of the journals of the Zoological Society of London. 1851 John Gould took part with an amazing exhibition of stuffed hummingbirds at the Great Exhibition in London. It formed the basis for the work Monograph of the Trochilidae, or family of humming -birds, for the Gould and Richter 360 drawings and lithographs anfertigten. This work was completed in 1861 and published in five volumes. For John Gould's work Birds of Great Britain judges worked with Joseph Wolf. From 367 drawings in the book were produced by 300 judges. Judge last work for John Gould was a book about the Asian avifauna, which was completed in 1883 after Gould 's death by other ornithologists. Judge made ​​at about 500 panels for the plant. 1878 and 1879 he illustrated Richard Owens factory Memoirs on the extinct wingless birds.

Overall, made ​​Henry Constantine Richter at over 1,600 lithographs.

Works (selection)

  • George Robert Gray: Genera of Birds ( Volumes 1 and 3), 1844-1849
  • John Gould Birds of Australia 1840 - 1848 and 1851 - 1869
  • John Gould: Monograph of the Odontophorinae or partridges of America, 1844-1850
  • John Gould: Monograph of the Trochilidae, or family of humming -birds, 1849-1861
  • John Gould: A monograph of the Ramphastidae or family of toucans: Supplement, 1855
  • John Gould: A monograph of the Trogonidae or family of trogons, 2nd Edition, 1858 to 1875
  • John Gould: The Birds of Asia ( 7 volumes with Joseph Wolf), 1850-1883
  • John Gould: The Birds of Great Britain (5 volumes with Josef Wolf), 1862-1873
  • Richard Owen: Memoirs on the extinct wingless birds, 1878-1879
  • John Gould: A monograph of the Pittidae (edited by Richard Bowdler Sharpe ), 1880