Hermann Fellner

Hermann Fellner ( born December 20, 1950 in Träglhof ) is a Bavarian politician ( CSU), and was a member of the German Bundestag.

Life and career

Fellner grew up with five siblings on the family farm in Träglhof on. At school he went into the einklassigen elementary school in mass dir. After graduating from the Weiden Augustine High School he enrolled for a law degree at the University of Regensburg.

After his studies, he returned to in 1971 spent parental farm and built together with his brother resume operation. He gained practical experience in agriculture.

Currently Fellner worked as a lawyer in Freudenberg (Oberpfalz ).


Fellner was early on organized politically. He served as chairman of the local branch, for example, the Junge Union marriage field - mass dir. During his studies he was active in the ring of Christian Democratic Students.

In 1980, Fellner as youngest member at that time as a direct delegates of the constituency Amberg in the German Bundestag one. The nomination meeting, he won against Heinrich Aigner, who sought a dual mandate in Bonn and Brussels. Until 1990 he was a member of the German Bundestag. During this time, he held, inter alia, the Office of the interior policy spokesman of the CSU group.

Fellner expressed in 1985, in connection with the sale of the Flick Group to the German bank, on the question of whether there should be compensation for the forced laborers during the Nazi period, that he was " neither a legal for a claim of the Jews nor a moral basis " see. He had the impression " that the Jews quickly speak up when strumming money somewhere in German funds ". The Jews should " do not bring those claims in embarrassment ". It raises the question, what demands this kind could still come and demanded: " At some point we must have peace ," continued he demanded from the Jews " more sensitivity to the Germans." Fellner apologized for his remarks before the Bundestag on 16 January 1986. His comments were criticized as anti-Semitic.

Other offices

  • Board of Trustees Chairman of the ATZ Development Center in Sulzbach -Rosenberg to January 2011
  • Local chairman of the CSU in Freudenberg (Oberpfalz )
  • Vice Chairman of EURO SOLAR section Germany