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Herrliberg is a municipality in Switzerland. It is located on the lower right bank of Lake Zurich at the so-called Gold Coast in the district in the canton of Zurich miles.

The municipality also includes the hamlet Wetzwil.

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Coat of arms


The coat of arms of the municipality Herrliberg was first mentioned in the emblem book by Gerold Edlibach, which appeared in the late 15th century. The Doppeljoche refer to the earlier significant peasantry in Herrliberg. Middle of the 19th century displaced as a result of the growing importance of viticulture a coat of arms with a bunch of grapes, the traditional coat of arms, which was used from 1934 but then again.


Herrliberg is first mentioned as Hardiperc 1153-55, mid-15th century was called the community Härliberg.


Area: 897 ha, of which 56% agriculture, 24 % forest, 16 % and 4% of traffic settlements. On the upper municipality is the Pflugstein, a powerful, erratic melaphyre block of dark red - violet color. He emigrated in the last ice age on the back of the Linth glacier from Gandstock in the Glarus region to its present location and remained during the retreat of the glacier. With approximately 1000 cubic meters, it is the largest erratic boulder in the canton of Zurich and is a nature reserve, as well as the huge linden tree, which was planted in 1832 to commemorate the Ustertag from the liberal -minded Count Bentzel - Sternau.


The distance to the Zurich main train station is 13 kilometers.

By Herrliberg the right bank leads Zürichseebahn lines S6 and S16 of the Zurich S-Bahn. The result is a 15 -minute intervals 6-21 clock, otherwise a 30 -minute intervals. The S6 runs from Zurich Coming on to Uetikon, while the S16 (mostly) ends in Herrliberg. It also operate motor ships of the Lake Zurich Navigation Company (in summer about every two hours, in winter only one connection).




Table with percentage number of people per age group


Table with percentage share of the population with the language as their mother tongue

The proportion of foreigners is 12%.

Religious affiliation: 42.2% Evangelical Reformed, 26.9 % Roman Catholic, 30.9% other or no religious affiliation ( as of 2010).


Mayor Walter Wittmer ( [ community association ] as of 2010).


Herrliberg on May 21, 1786 watercolor by Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth

Bailiwick Herrliberg - former tithe barn

Pflugstein, Findling

Pre-Christian stone shell of Wetzwil


  • David Ammann (1855-1923), founder of the Mazdaznan movement in Europe
  • Hans Kasser (1907-1978), graphic
  • Walter Stutzer, Journalist
  • Roger Federer ( born 1981 ), tennis player, owns a property in Herrliberg
  • Peter Uebersax (1925-2011), chief editor at glance
  • Nicholas Senn ( born 1926 ), bank manager, honorary president of UBS
  • Christoph Blocher ( born 1940 ), industrialist, former SVP - Federal
  • Jürg Marquard (* 1945), publisher
  • Peter Courier (* 1949), Manager
  • Steve Guerdat (* 1982 ), Show Jumping - Olympic Champion 2012
  • Margarethe Faas - Hardegger (1882-1963), socialist and suffragette
  • Carl Fischer (1888-1987), sculptor