Hippocratic Corpus

The corpus Hippocraticum is a collection of more than 60 ancient medical texts that are written between the 5th century BC and 2nd century AD. At a total corpus, the works were compiled later.

The text collection is named Hippocrates of Kos after the famous Greek physician, however, was already known in ancient times that very few texts of the corpus were written by himself.


The writings of the corpus include numerous topics of scientific medicine and provide an introduction for physicians and laymen. Were covered theory and practice of medicine, general and special pathology, ethics and professional teaching.

In addition to large similarities nonetheless be numerous inconsistencies in matters of content, formal and stylistic determine which point to a large emergence period. The research into the authorship of individual texts and their origin has been extended by the experiments of assignments to two different doctors schools. Those of Kos and those of Knidos, a city which is opposite to the coast of Asia Minor was the island of Kos and just had another major healing center. Meanwhile, the concept of "schools" and the view associated are, however, strongly criticized since the attribution of texts to the respective centers and the evidence of a strong contrarian orientation were never unequivocally possible.

The scriptures contain the first signs of the ancient humoral pathology, a single version has not yet reached it.

As a general method allows the observation of disease processes call. The interior of the body remained largely unknown because no work was done with experiment or section in humans. Other principles are the doctrine of critical days of the disease, the rational explanation of disease (eg of epilepsy in "On the Sacred Disease" ) and the great influence of the environment on human health.


  • About the ancient healing art
  • About the Environment
  • Forecasts
  • About the Diet in acute diseases
  • Epidemics I-VII
  • About the head injuries
  • About the doctor's office
  • About the fractures
  • On the joints
  • Leverage
  • Aphorisms
  • The Oath
  • The law
  • About the juices
  • Predictions I-II
  • Koische forecasts
  • About the Art
  • On the Nature of Man
  • About the healthy lifestyle
  • About the winds
  • On the use of fluids
  • About the diseases I-IV
  • About the sufferings
  • About the points on the human
  • About the Sacred Disease
  • About the wounds
  • About the hemorrhoids
  • About the fistulas
  • About the lifestyle I-IV
  • About the inner suffering
  • About the nature of women
  • About the premature baby
  • Over the eight- month child
  • About the seeds
  • On the Nature of the Child
  • About the female affection I-III
  • About the diseases of virgins
  • About the Überschwängerung
  • About the dismemberment of the child in the womb
  • About the Anatomy
  • About the teething
  • On the glands
  • About the meat
  • About the number seven
  • About the Heart
  • About the food
  • About the Watch
  • On the Nature of bone
  • About the doctor
  • About the decency
  • Regulations
  • About the Crisis
  • About the critical days
  • Letters
  • Decision of the Athenians
  • Altar speech
  • Sent speech