Historische Zeitschrift

The Historical Journal (abbreviated Hz ) is a bi-monthly German -language journal for the study of history in general with special reference to methodological aspects and the history of science.

The HZ is currently edited by Lothar Gall and Andreas Fahrmeir; Jürgen Müller and Eckhardt Treichel are co-editors. For the Scientific Advisory Board of HZ include Johannes Fried, Birthe Kundrus, Hartmut Leppin, Werner Clumsy, Frank Rexroth, Andreas Rödder, Karl Ubl, Uwe Walter and Gerrit Walther.


As a precursor of the historical journal as general historical scientific body, the historical- political magazine Leopold von Ranke 1833 to 1836 and especially the 1844 to 1848, edited by Wilhelm Adolf Schmidt Journal of History apply.

The Historical magazine was founded in 1859 by Heinrich von Sybel. In the early phase until the end of the First World War she was an organ with predominantly Protestant denominational orientation in the Prussian sense, which represented the Prussian leadership of the German Empire. Hence Catholic writers were rarely represented. In the time it is called culture war, came not rare attacks on the Catholic view of history, especially in the context of Martin Luther and Protestantism. Conversely, the Catholic journalism magazines published political and historical content with clearly anti-Prussian tendency, the historical- political music for Catholic Germany and the Historical Yearbook. Today denominational point of view has become meaningless.

Among the authors of the Historical magazine listed a number of famous scholars, such as Heinrich von Treitschke, Heinrich von Sybel himself, Hermann Baumgarten, Friedrich Meinecke, Wilhelm Maurenbrecher, Georg Voigt, Alfred Heuss and Johann Gustav Droysen. Editor of the Historische Zeitschrift goods by Heinrich von Sybel (1859-1895) Heinrich von Treitschke (1895-1896), Friedrich Meinecke (1896-1935), Karl Alexander von Müller (1935-1943), Ludwig Dehio (1949-1956) Walther Kienast (1949-1968), Theodor Schieder (1956-1984), Theodor Schieffer (1968-1975) and Lothar Gall (since 1975).

On 3 March 2009, the 150th anniversary of the Historical magazine was celebrated in the Kaulbach Villa of the Historical College in Munich with a short presentation of the editors.


In addition to essays particularly to modern issues, but also on the history of antiquity and the Middle Ages, since its inception, an extensive review section on new releases by historical science literature, the prehistory and early history, antiquity, the Middle Ages, the early modern period and the Newer appears and recent history into account. The Historical Journal applies in the German historiography remains as the leading historical journal; the authors of the essays are - unlike other journals - already established researchers and normally habilitation usually at least.