History journal

Taking a history magazine refers to a regular, appearing in print or digital form publication that deals with history. Most published in Germany history magazines aimed at a professional audience, but there are also magazines for historical interested laymen. Most historical journals have the same or similar headings:

  • Articles,
  • Miscellanea,
  • Reviews,
  • Abstracts,
  • Announcements,
  • Editorial and
  • Directory of employees.

Some history journals also have a bibliographic part, be listed in the new releases. The most famous German history magazine is the Historical magazine that covers all areas of history ( Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Modern and Contemporary History ). In addition to historical journals dealing with all fields of history, there are those whose subjects over time and / or are thematically limited, as the Quarterly Journal of Contemporary History.

History journals are an important medium of exchange of ideas and means of intellectual discourse, especially in the specialized science.

  • History Scientific Journal
  • Plant type ( History)