Hitachi Maxell

Hitachi Maxell Ltd.. (日立マクセル 株式会社, Hitachi Makuseru Kabushiki - gaisha ), short Maxell, is a company for distribution and manufacturing of storage media and batteries, headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

The company describes itself as a "global player" and has a global presence with subsidiaries. The German subsidiary is the Maxell Germany GmbH. It also operates the distribution in Switzerland and Austria. In Germany is not produced but only sold. Distribution partners include large mail order companies such as Conrad and Otto-Versand.

The American branch is the Maxell Corporation of America ( MCA). In the U.S., next to distributors and production facilities of the company.

The company derives from the term "maximum capacity dry cell " from, to German " dry battery at maximum capacity ."


The company's sales of Hitachi Maxell Ltd.. fluctuated in the years 2000 to 2004 the value of 215 billion yen, equivalent to about 1.44 billion euros.

Product lines

Are manufactured batteries (button and cylindrical cells ) and storage media such as tapes, floppy disks, video tapes, CD and DVD media, but also iPod accessories such as remote controls, microphones, headphones and battery adapter.

Optical storage media

Sold by Maxell CD-R comes mainly from Ritek, but also by Taiyo Yuden. The DVD blanks are self produced from the plants in Japan and are manufactured by renowned manufacturers such as Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, Ricoh and Mitsubishi Chemical for Maxell.

Maxell also manufactures blanks for other brands such as Mori and Mediabox (Japan).