Ho Feng Shan

Feng - Shan Ho ( Traditional Chinese:何凤山; Simplified Chinese :何凤山; pinyin: Hé Fengshan; born September 10, 1901 in Yiyang, Hunan, † September 28, 1997 in San Francisco), was a Chinese diplomat. He saved hundreds, possibly thousands of Jews during the Second World War. He is known as Schindler of China.

As the son of a farmer Ho studied from 1921 to 1925 at the University of Yali, Changsha. 1926 Ho received a training Stipedium for the Ludwig- Maximilians- University of Munich and received his PhD in 1932, Doctor of Economics.

From 1937 Ho Feng Shan worked for the Chinese Consulate in Vienna. After the takeover of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938 you needed to emigrate from Austria, an emigration proof such as a foreign visa. Against the will of his superiors Ho began to issue visas for Shanghai. For Shanghai was needed at that time not a visa, but it was only possible with the Jewish emigration proof to leave Austria.

During his further diplomatic career, he was ambassador to Egypt, Mexico, Bolivia, and Colombia. In 1973, he went into retirement. Ho died in 1997 in San Francisco.

2001 Ho was awarded posthumously the title of "Righteous Among the Nations". He was the second Chinese citizens to Pan June Shun, who received this item.