Holm is generally the name given to a horizontal structure, a bar or handle and stands for:

  • Carrier of a beam stairs
  • (Wooden) pole, for example, on the turn unit bars
  • Vehicle pillars in the body substructure
  • Holm ( artillery ), supporting part of artillery to hold and transport
  • Holm (wing ), a structural component of an aircraft wing ( = wing )
  • Lateral parts of a ( sprouts ) conductors
  • Spacer, with the scarf of tools and weapons

Holm as a homonym with completely different etymology and meaning:

  • Holm (Island), name for a small island

Holm is or was the name

  • A combined ship of Hapag, see Holm (ship)

Holm is a first name and surname - to name volumes, see Holm (name )

Holm hot places:

  • Holm ( Flensburg ), pedestrian zone in the center of Flensburg, Schleswig -Holstein
  • Holm (Halmstad ) in Sweden
  • Holm (Inverness ), a district of the Scottish Inverness, Highland
  • Holm ( Iasi ), village in the district of Iaşi (Romania )
  • Holm (Pinneberg ) municipality in the district of Pinneberg, Schleswig -Holstein
  • Holm ( circle Sønderborg), a village in northern Schleswig, Denmark
  • Holm ( circle Tønder ), a village in northern Schleswig, Denmark
  • Holm ( Neamt ), village in the district of Neamt (Romania )
  • Holm (North Friesland ), municipality in the district of North Friesland, Schleswig -Holstein
  • Holm ( Orkney ) congregation on the island of Orkney Mainland, Scotland
  • Holm ( Quarnbek ), part of the municipality Quarnbek in Rendsburg -Eckernförde district, Schleswig -Holstein
  • Holm (Schleswig ), fishing area on the outskirts of the town of Schleswig, Schleswig -Holstein
  • Holm- Seppensen, hamlet of the town of beech wood in North Heath
  • Holm ( Silberstedt ), the municipality of Silberstedt in Schleswig-Flensburg district, Schleswig -Holstein
  • Holm, part of Schönberg ( Holstein)

HOLM is an abbreviation for:

  • House of Logistics & Mobility in Frankfurt am Main

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