Homo (disambiguation)

Homo (from Latin homo 'man, man ") stands for:

  • Homo genus name of the people

Derived from it are, among others, the following designations:

  • Homo clausus: the " locked man," one of Norbert Elias introduced in sociology term
  • Homo faber: the creative person
  • Homo inermis: the " defenseless man," a coined by Arnold Gehlen image of man as a flawed being
  • Homo ludens: the gambling man
  • Homo oecologicus: the ecological thinking and acting human
  • Homo economicus: the economy end human
  • Homo reciprocans: the man erwidernde
  • Homo ridens: the laughing man
  • Homo sociologicus: social man
  • Homo superior: the superman, the ideal man

The prefix homo (Greek ὁμός homos "same" ) is available in technical terms for " equal "; see also List of Greek root words. This results in, among others, the following definitions derive from:

  • Gay; " Homo" ( partly used pejoratively ) as a short word for homosexuals; as a component of compositions such as gay marriage ( mostly used neutral)
  • In organic chemistry, the prefix indicates Homo that a compound having a methyl group to [ CH2 ] extended backbone, e.g., homoserine Vs. Serine.
  • Homogeneity
  • Homograph, Homo grams, word from a group of words, all of which have the same spelling but different meanings and often a different pronunciation
  • Homonym
  • Homophone

HOMO stands for:

  • Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital
  • HOMO. Journal of Comparative Human Biology, name of the anthropological journal of the Australasian Society for Human Biology

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