Hook shot

The Hookshot (English hook shot ) is a throwing technique in the sport of basketball.

Here, the ball is thrown with an outstretched arm upward in an arc motion toward the basket. Due to the high release point and the high trajectory of Hookshot is virtually indefensible. It is used primarily by centers and power forwards, because it is to be used only from close range effectively.

The Hookshot is a well known and used since the early days of basketball throwing technique.


Sky Hook

The "Sky Hook" begins with a sequence of steps, while the player jumps in an arcuate movement with the leg that is closer to the basket off, and used the outer leg and the knee to gain momentum. At the same time he sticks his arm pointing away from the basket to the full and throws the ball without his wrist swung down in a high arc toward the basket. One advantage of the Sky Hooks is that one protects his throwing arm through his body before the defending player.

As a real perfectionist this technique is Kareem Abdul- Jabbar, whose excellent and highly efficient Hookshot was called for the first time as "Sky Hook".

Baby Hook

Much like the sky hook of "Baby Hook" with a series of steps and an arcuate movement begins. It differs only in the Sky Hook that the pitcher holds the wrist during the actual throwing not stiff, but throws the ball by pulling down the wrist.

Jump Hook

When "Jump Hook " the player jumps from unlike Sky and baby hook, with both feet and throws the ball like the baby hook by Abklappens of the wrist. The Jump Hook brings some advantages, such as that the pitcher can execute the throw quickly, and that he throws by chipping the ball at a much higher point.

The Jump Hook is the most widely used variant today, the best known example is Shaquille O'Neal.