Hybrid fibre-coaxial

Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC ) is a short name for a specific technology, the transmission of analog and digital signals of large bandwidth ( such as television signals ) wired is enabled. Here, the signals in the regional area are fiber optic links used that lead up to the vicinity of households ( FTTC, Fibre to the Curb ) for distribution. At the ends of the optical fibers, the optical signals are converted into electrical, which are then passed over the coaxial cable in individual households. Usually, several households are supplied by a coaxial cable. HFC networks are commonly used for cable TV and are often equipped with a digital back channel through which the user can control the television transmission individually (Video on Demand).

This technology has been standardized by the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers). The standards are copyrighted, but can be accessed from the website of SCTE solely for personal use. Installed in various countries HFC networks use of these standards, but generally not.