I.Q. (film)

I.Q. - Love is relative is an American romantic comedy film from 1994 with Walter Matthau, who as Albert Einstein 's niece, played by Meg Ryan, wants to hook up with a car mechanic.


The mathematician Catherine Boyd is with her fiance James Morland in the midst of wedding preparations, as her running the mechanic Ed Walters on the road. Ed falls in love head over heels in Catherine. In Catherine's uncle Albert Einstein, he finds an ally who sees through that takes place on reason -level relationship between his niece to James and want to help her to accept Ed as the man of her heart.

Einstein helps Ed to pose as a scientist. Ed may make an unpublished Einstein's theory as a separate public. Catherine finds evidence to the contrary, that disprove the theory - what her uncle never succeeded. This strengthens their self-confidence.

In the end, Ed and Catherine are a pair.


" An amusing, consistently well-played romantic comedy. Although situations and jokes on life are too often repeated, so that sometimes adjusts idle, but the relaxed and easygoing atmosphere of the film covers a sympathetic way so many shoal. "