• International Motor Show, a trade show in Frankfurt and Hannover
  • International Working Men's Association, also known as the "First International "
  • International Actuarial Association, the international federation of national organizations actuary
  • International Advertising Association
  • International Academy of Architecture
  • International Academy of Astronautics
  • Igarka Airport, a Russian airport after the IATA code
  • Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, an astronomical institute in Spain
  • Indole- 3 -acetic acid, indole-3 -acetic acid, see
  • International Alpaca Association
  • Indian Association of Alberta
  • International Labour Office, an organ of the International Labour Organisation
  • Internet - export declaration, see export declaration
  • Intel Application Accelerator, a software
  • Irish Aviation Authority, the Irish air traffic control
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