International Academy of Architecture

The International Academy of Architecture - a non-profit - making company for performing activities for personal benefit (IAA; German: International Academy of Architecture) is a non-governmental non-profit organization with special status in the UN Economic and Social Council.

The seat of the IAA is in the Bulgarian city of Sofia, which is why the official English Academy name in all documents that serve to use in Bulgaria, compulsory used in Bulgarian translation ( Bulg: Международна Архитектурна Академия ).

The IAA members are leading scholars and professors of contemporary architecture from around the world. The working languages ​​are equal English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Objectives of the IAA are promoting architectural creation, theory and education, the notice of the members and of their work, the promotion of talented young researchers who struggle with global, regional and local problems of architecture and urban planning in relation to the environment and a constant development of civil society. Furthermore, the existing expertise in the implementation of programs of the United Nations and its committees to be introduced unterstütztend. In addition to education and research programs as well as new ideas and concepts in the field of architecture are encouraged.