IBM Lotus Organizer

The Lotus Organizer is a Personal Information Management (PIM ) software of Lotus Development Corporation (now owned by IBM).

It provides similar functionality to Microsoft Outlook, but does not have its own e- mail function. But external e -mail programs such as Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird can be integrated easily.

The program is now sold still in version 5.0 as part of the Lotus SmartSuite office suite or in the version 6.0 or 6.1 as a standalone product.

File Format

. A OR6 (or OR 5. ) File contains all the data in different registers: Calendar = date entries, planners = all-day events, contacts = addresses, activities = tasks, anniversaries = birthdays or anniversaries ( when entering under contacts automatically appear here ), notepad = text pages, web = internet links, calls = phone calls recorded.

Due to the similarity with a busy schedule of paper the learning curve is very low. Who balances the entries with a portable organizer or even a cell phone (synchronized), can also go access to all inputs, and wake up on time to appointments and miss even without paper calendar an appointment.

The data can be imported from address files of all kinds. It is important that when you import the data fields are mapped correctly. When importing from Microsoft Outlook, there is rarely, mostly small problems: During Organizers have taken over the 136 data fields for contacts through Outlook almost identical in the Lotus, Outlook has taken start time and duration in the calendar but the start date / time and end date / time. For these problems, there are solutions. The easiest is a conversion program that converts Outlook completely in a Lotus Organizer file.

An important advantage of Lotus Organizer is the network capability with recorded shared registers. Without expensive Exchange server with proper installation of the Lotus Organizer on the network, an input from a user information to all other users on the network automatically appear in their own Organizer. For this reason and because of its clearly structured user interface that allows intuitive operation without extensive training by the similarity with a pocket calendar, Lotus Organizer and small to medium enterprises and private users is popular as Outlook or Lotus Notes. Although it is apparently no longer advertised by IBM and developed significantly, can the Lotus Organizer 6.1 on all 32 - and 64-bit Windows operating systems since Windows 95 and including Windows 8, easily used.