IBM Redbooks

IBM Redbooks are technical documents that were created by the IBM International Technical Support Organization ( ITSO ). In these Redbooks the installation and use of products from IBM is described. In contrast to the product manuals for the Redbooks are based on practical experience.

These documents are available as printed books, CD- ROMs or the Internet as HTML documents and for free download in PDF format. With about 500,000 downloads per month, the IBM Redbooks are among the most popular e -books. The newer Redbooks are also provided with an ISBN.

IBM Redbooks are developed by IBM working professionals in IBM business partners experts and experienced customer employees in so-called residencies ( multi-week workshops) and published by an editorial process of 60 to 90 days.

Often Redbooks are already being made ​​available on the Internet even before the official release and some still during the process as Draft Redbooks.

Redpapers are minor technical documents and are published only on the Internet. They may also be the result of a residency process, but also from other sources.