Ice (1998 film)

Ice - When the world freezes (English Original title: Ice) is an American disaster film from 1998 with Udo Kier.


The scientist Dr. Kessler observed a dramatic increase of sunspots. As a result, he predicted a new ice age on Earth. In fact, then a temperature drop experienced California: Located in May it starts to snow; and New York is already covered with a meter of snow. In the crisis staff of the U.S. Government, Dr. Kessler is by video conference. He recommends the immediate evacuation of the population of the United States in equatorial areas.

Dr. Kessler wants to get in his car to a naval base north of Malibu, where a ship should wait for the leaves to Guam. Only selected individuals, such as members of the White House should be allowed to go on board. Dr. Kessler counts as famous scientists themselves also. When he gets his car into a snowdrift, the engine no longer jumps. Then he makes himself walking on the wide path. On the way he is taken by a group of helpful people, including two police officers in an emergency operation.

The motley motley troupe, including a prisoner, must soon put apart with violent looters. It them but finally manages to get to the saving submarine at a naval base and thus to escape the deadly cold.


  • The film was premiered on November 29, 1998 on ProSieben.
  • The ProSieben was also co- producer of the film.


" Geister' cult star Udo Kier shines through his brief appearance in to have Armageddon ' pleasure found on doomsday. In this cheap TV disaster but is only one among: a supposedly intelligent story. "