The Kingdom (TV miniseries)

  • Ernst- Hugo Järegård: Stig Helmer (English voice: Mogens of Gadow )
  • Kirsten Rolffes: Sigrid Drusse ( Christa Berndl )
  • Holger Juul Hansen: Prof. Moesgaard ( Stephen Orlac )
  • Søren Pilmark: Krogshøj ( " Krogen " ) ( Udo Wachtveitl )
  • Ghita Nørby: Rigmor Mortensen ( Doris Gallart )
  • Baard Owe: Prof. Palle Bondo ( Fred Maire )
  • Solbjørg Højfeldt: Camilla (Victoria Brams )
  • Birgitte Raaberg: Judith Bang Petersen ( Marietta Meade )
  • Udo Kier: Åge Kruger / " brother " Frederik ( Berno von Cramm / n / a)
  • Jens Okking: bulder (Jan Odle )

The Kingdom ( Alternative title: Ghost ) is a mini-series of the Danish director Lars von Trier for Danish television. The English title is The Kingdom, the Danish original title Riget ( "Das Reich" ). ( II spirits, ghosts I 1997, 1994) with a total of eleven episodes, the series was released in two seasons.

Lars von Trier was inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks to the series. Together with Niels Vorsel he wrote the script in a few weeks. Was directed by Lars von Trier and Morten Arnfred. Cæcilia Holbek Trier fell as scheduled from director because of her pregnancy.

The German Original Air Date was on 11 March 1995 arte. There are several cut versions ( see below).

  • 6.1 Ghosts I
  • 6.2 Ghosts II


The plot of the series largely takes place in the neurosurgical department of the Royal Empire Hospital of Copenhagen. Both the staff and the patients are confronted with supernatural phenomena. The Berufssimulantin and spiritualist woman Drusse goes, along with her son bulder who works as a nurse in the hospital, the events on the ground. Professor Stig Helmer, who hates the Danes abysmally, must prevail against his Danish colleagues his Swedish doctor pride, but is bound by its relationship with the doctor Rigmor to the land. At the same time must Helmer medical malpractice, by the girl Mona was permanently damaged, cover up. To create a better working environment Prof. Moesgaard which completely overwhelmed Head of the Department, tempted by the action " morning air "; the same shall proceed their own mental health problems on the ground. The medical assistant Krogen, who lives in the basement of the hospital and can procure everything is killed by Helmer with a procured from Haiti voodoo poison and later revived as a zombie. Woman Drusse comes an old conspiracy of Satanists on the track, which focuses on the rebirth of a doctor named Åge Krüger, who had once killed his illegitimate daughter Mary in the hospital. The returned as a daemon Åge Kruger is also the father of " Little Brother ", a riesenwüchsigen infant who is brought by an assistant doctor of the clinic, Judith, born and later even the name is Frederik ( the name of the Crown Prince ).


The television production was praised because of black humor and excellent histrionic performances of the actors. Lars von Trier united elements of the horror film with those from hospital series. Despite the camera work in the Dogma 95 style, which is not regarded as suitable for mass production, the series was such a success that another season should be rotated so far to resolve unanswered questions.

In 1997, the second season was filmed with the original cast, which seamlessly joined to the first, but still more questions left open than the first. Lars von Trier wrote a script for the third season, but the lead actor Ernst- Hugo Järegård and Kirsten Rolffes and three other performers died and the third season was never produced.

Interface versions

The original version of Ghost had a duration of 275 minutes, and ran in 1994 on the film festival in Venice. For television, the four segments of the theatrical version was distributed on five episodes of 52 minutes. Scenes have been relocated or replaced with new ones and gathered some dialogue scenes, so that the TV version is a total of about 15 minutes shorter. This version was aired on arte 1995 (March 11 / March 18 / March 25 / April 1 / 8 April ) and in 1996 in the cinemas. In West 3 is a two-part version was sent on April 6 / April 8, 1996, at the it was the original theatrical version.

From Ghosts II exists with respect to the six-part TV version also a longer alternate version.

When the 2005 series was released on DVD, you do not resorted to the eleven-part TV version but to the longer version in two groups of four parts.

Partially missing in the German version, the German synchronization; these parts were presented in the original language with subtitles. In addition, in the original German language version in Episode 8, some parts were included, for which no original Danish longer exists. Therefore, can also be heard in the Danish language version, some scenes in German synchronization. The playing time of the DVD version is a total of about 580 minutes.

Published in 2007 a ​​revised DVD edition, in the first season there is now synchronized completely German. As it turned out, the WDR had ( so ) once aired the complete original version in the repetition of spirits in 1996 and I can synchronize the missing scenes with the correct speakers. Thus, the gaps in the German soundtrack of the first edition were all filled up.


The Swedish nuclear power plant, the Helmer on the hospital roof with binoculars looks ( Helmer: " Plutonium we compel you Danes on their knees. " ), Is the now decommissioned nuclear power plant Barsebäck.

Episode List (TV version)

Ghosts I

Spirits II

Note: In this version, the eleven-part series is known most German television viewers. So she ran since the premiere in 1995 several times on arte and in the third program of the ARD.

Episode List (DVD version)

Ghosts I

Spirits II

Note: In this version, the series was broadcast in the first television replay in 1996. It is based on the theatrical version, as it was originally presented Lars von Trier at the Film Festival in Venice. The four parts of this text have been edited into this two parts. (Season 2 never ran into this version on German television and can be seen only on DVD. )

Kingdom Hospital

The American horror author Stephen King later wrote a thirteen- part mini- series called Kingdom Hospital, which is based on The Kingdom. Kings story contains many of the original story elements. Although they played in an American hospital in Maine, the characters retained their original names but partially.