Ice Climber

Ice Climber (Japaneseアイスクライマー) is a video game series by Nintendo and was first published in 1984 as an arcade game. It was in 1985 brought out again for this home console for the Nintendo Entertainment System as one of the first games.

The game

The plot of the game is simple: the condor has stolen all the neighboring village and brought them food to its nest on the next mountain. In total there are 32 levels (or mountains ), in which the player to climb as one of the two Inuit, Pepe (ポポPopo ) or Nana (ナナ), the ice-covered mountain peak and has to get the vegetables from the condor. Be equipped only with a hammer struck with this holes in stone walls and ice sheets to create advancement points. Many obstacles such as topi, birds, polar bears, from above falling icicles and slippery ice surfaces make it difficult to climb. A 2-player mode is available, but the players must decide whether they compete for the ascent to the mountain together or against each other. Player 1 always plays Pepe, player 2 always Nana.

Ice Climbers in Super Smash Brothers Melee

16 years after their first game of the Ice Climber Duo has a playable cameo appearance in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo GameCube. Here, Pepe and Nana are controlled together, shall be treated as single figure. The player takes on the role of Pepe ( or Nana, depending on the choice ) and Nana (or Pepe ) mimics all movements unless the duo was separated over a long distance to go. If the computer controlled Ice Climber is thrown out of court, but the human player can continue playing with limited options when the human player is thrown out of court, but disappears and the computer -controlled Ice Climber.

Your Stage (World ) is a graphically enhanced version of the old level designs. In Adventure Mode Topis and polar bears impede the ascent of the mountain. The Target Test level is a 1 to 1 conversion of the old level designs. In addition, the boss flies out of the original game condor over the mountain.

The Ice Climbers were the SSB series added to represent the original NES. They were preferred franchises like Balloon Fight and Mach Rider.

The relationship between Nana and Pepe is unclear. Only at Super Smash Brothers Melee they were declared a couple. The Japanese SSBM website calls her relationship “ちなみにポポとナナは、おさななじみ的な男女だそうです。友達以上恋人未満というか。”. Whether they are now siblings, friends or lovers but remains uncertain.

Pepe and Nana were synchronized both by Sanae Kobayashi (小林 沙 苗).


Ice Climber was reissued for many platforms.

  • Ice Climber (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1985
  • Ice Climber ( NEC PC- 8801 ) 1985
  • Climber ( Game & Watch ) 1986
  • Ice Climber ( Famicom Disk System ) 1988 ( a kind of continuation based on VS Ice Climber )
  • Ice Climber (E - Reader) 2000/2001
  • Ice Climber ( Animal Crossing ) 2002
  • Ice Climber ( Game Boy Advance ) 2004 ( " NES Classics " label )

Appearances outside the series

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Melee:

  • The Ice Climbers Pepe and Nana are playable characters.
  • The Ice Climber World is Endless Glacier: Icicle Mountain - a vertically -scrolling platform world.
  • Two Ice- Climber - music Title: Icicle Mountain plays the theme music of the original game and the level music, the Ice Climber wins Music is the original victory music
  • There are five Ice- Climber - specific Trophies: Ice Climbers, Ice Climbers ( Smash 1), Ice Climbers ( Smash 2), Polar bear, Topi.
  • The Target testing of the Ice Climbers use the original graphics from the NES game. The ultimate goal is supported by the 8- bit condor.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

  • The Ice Climbers Pepe and Nana are playable characters.
  • The Ice- Climber - world Summit - A summit glacier breaks off after a time, sliding down the mountain and lands in the sea. Though the summit can swim, he will always continue to be pulled down under circumstances of a polar bear. If you stand too long in the water, the fish from Balloon Fight tries to devour the person concerned. After some time the summit is flying on the same spot as before and the same game starts again. There is also a destructible panel and the same aggressive icicles like Ice Climbers.
  • In Summit occur in the same order as in the game of vegetables on that have the same effect as food
  • Three songs: A newer version of the Icicle Mountain medleys, the original Melee version and the victory tune.
  • Three Trophies: Ice Climbers Iceberg (Final Smash ) and vegetables.
  • Summit is supposed to be the tip of the Icicle Mountain.
  • In the opening animation, the Ice Climbers are supported by a condor on the playing field.

Animal Crossing series

  • Animal Crossing: One of the most collectible and fully playable NES title is the original Ice Climber.

WarioWare series

  • Wario Ware, Inc.: Minigame Mania: A mini-game is called: grave the Condor 's feet. Pepe must grip the vegetables at the feet of the Condor.
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game $: Same as Wario Ware, Inc.: Minigame Mania
  • WarioWare: Twisted: In a mini game you have to chip off the opponent with a hammer.
  • WarioWare: Touched: A mini-game called "8-bit -hero ". Touch the pixels, which is different from the picture above.


On September 1, 2011 Ice Climber appeared as part of the so-called ambassadors program for the 3DS, where it can be downloaded through the eShop. Through the Ambassador Program Nintendo 3DS offers first-time buyers 20 free games, including ten for the NES and ten Game Boy Advance, which should be available end of this year. This Nintendo responded to the sharp price reduction in the 3DS, which took place on August 12.


  • Pepe's name is outside the German area Popo.
  • In rare cases, the opponent loses a life if you are on the lowest level jumps in the original Ice Climbers on the head of the opponent. This then falls namely the ground.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl can freeze the opponent, so that it no longer can be controlled.
  • According to a Finnish newspaper Ice Climber was for some time the favorite game of the former President of Finland, Mauno Koivisto.
  • Topis were seals that have been re-designed as a small but Yetis because of animal cruelty from the other versions in the original Japanese game. In Super Smash Bros. Melee were Topis in the beta version seals.