Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a fishing practice in which the fish from frozen - seas or lakes are fished through ice holes.

Ice fishing in general

Ice fishing is operated primarily in Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia; in the U.S. mainly introduced on the Great Lakes, where it was mainly by Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian emigrants. The ice fishing has been found in recent years in Switzerland trailer, so this practice is quite often in applied to the Oeschinensee.



The Angel is in comparison to a normal fishing rod is very small ( 20 cm). Instead of a reel with a simple translation role for the storage of the cord is most commonly used. In many cases serves a spring or a soft piece of plastic the recognition of a bite.

Ice Augers

An ice auger is absolutely necessary to make a hole - the so-called Wuhne - to drill into the ice. The drill may be provided with a hand-operated or motor. In thin ice (up to 15cm), the ice can be punched with a pimple.

Additional Equipment

  • Special spikes for your safety and Eisfischers. They are easily within reach, such as hung around the neck, cosponsored. If the ice breaks, the needles are cut into the edge of the ice, so that they help in phasing out the icy water.
  • The Eiskelle is a float made of a grid mesh, are removed with the ice cubes out of the hole.


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