IE Tab

IE Tab is the name of various extensions ( add- ons ) for the browser Mozilla Firefox, Flock, SeaMonkey and Google Chrome.

The original add-on has up to 160,000 times (as of October 2009) a week before the release of Firefox version 3.6 downloaded and had at peak times per day on average over 3.5 million (as of February 2010) users worldwide.


IE Tab allows you to display web pages using the HTML rendering engine of Internet Explorer ( Trident ), without leaving Firefox. This is mainly for pages that will display correctly only in Internet Explorer, meaningful, such as Windows Update or other use ActiveX pages. The visited via IE Tab pages are stored in the course of Internet Explorer, as if the page had been opened directly in Internet Explorer. Common applications for the extension even with web designers to websites simultaneously in both browsers can view and compare. A complete functionality of all versions so far only under Windows, since they access the installed version of Internet Explorer.


IE Tab would originally developed by the Taiwanese medical students in Hong Jen Yee, aka PCMan. A first demo page was published by him in the forum of Taiwanese Mozilla community. The idea was taken up by other Taiwanese developers of Firefox extensions, known as yuoo2k, dexter and softcup. An extension has been created through the further cooperation, which was published under XPCOM integration by using the Mozilla Developer Christian Biesinger as a prototype. After the release of the Mozilla pages and in the appropriate forums, it is now one of the most popular Firefox extensions.

Development Status

The original developer Hong Jen Yee left the project in early 2006. The project is being developed by yuoo2k. A compatibility of the original IE Tab is given only to Firefox 3.6a1pre. One for Firefox from version 3.6 also kompatibile development, the add -on IE Tab 2 dar. developer is

Using the original Open Source IE Tab is a version for the Google Chrome browser was Blackfish software, even developed.

There is another fork " Coral IE Tab / IE Tab Plus " by quaful with some additional features, but which is classified by some users as spyware.