Iestyn ap Gwrgant

Iestyn ap Gwrgan († 1093 ) was a king of the Welsh Kingdom of Morgannwg. About his life, there are very conflicting information, it is certain that he was the last independent Welsh ruler of Morgannwg, which was conquered during his reign of the Normans.

Iestyn descended from Owain ap Morgan of Glywysing. However, it was only a lower nobleman, until it after the death of Caradog ap Gruffydd, who fell in the fight against Rhys ap Tewdwr, King was in 1081. Supposedly have promised as a reward for its help in the fight against Rhys ap Tewdwr Iestyn the Welsh Einion ap Collwyn his daughter to wife nest and extensive lands. As Iestyn however did not stop this agreement, Einion to have with the Norman Robert Fitzhamon, is said to have also fought as mercenaries for Iestyn, allied. Together they defeated to 1091 Iestyn, but also Einions warriors are said to have suffered such heavy losses in the fighting that Robert Fitzhamon then could conquer the fertile plains of Glamorgan. Since the sources, however, contradict partially, the exact process of the conquest of Glamorgan is uncertain.

Iestyn was married to Denys ferch Bleddyn, a daughter of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn of Powys. His son Caradog ap Iestyn could only apply the rule of the hill country between the River Afan Afan and the River Neath after his death.