Ignatz von Popiel

Ignacy Popiel (also: Ignaz von Popiel ) (* July 27, 1863, † May 2, 1941 ) was a Polish chess player.

Popiel was considered the strongest Polish chess player in the Austrian part of Poland in the period before the state was established after the First World War. His chess career began in the 1880s in Lviv chess cafes. In 1887 he won in Vienna at a club tournament in second place after the then best Austrian Johann Berger, whereupon he participated regularly in international tournaments. In 1895 he won in Lviv, in 1896 he was second in Eisenach, in 1897 he won the Masters Tournament in Berlin and won the championship title awarded. In the 1890s he published jointly with Curt von Bardeleben Item to opening theory in the German chess magazine. After the First World War, he was one of the best masters Lemberger, 1925, he was second in the Lviv championship. In 1938 he took part in Krakow at the semi-finals for the Polish Championship.

Popiel earned by his knight move in the third train of the Blackmar Gambit ( 1 d2 -d4 d7 -d5 2 e2 -e4 d5xe4 3 Nb1 - c3, suggested in 1893 by him) with the followers of the Blackmar - Diemer Gambit a certain level of recognition because he brought so Emil Joseph Diemer on the idea for his gambit. This variant was trying to popularize as Polish Popiel Gambit.

Ignacy Popiel is the uncle of Stephan Popel, who was also a chess player.