The IJtunnel is a transport connection in Amsterdam. The city center is from the northern part, Amsterdam North, separated by the river IJ. Due to the strong increase in traffic in the last 40 years, a tunnel connection was necessary.


The northerly area of Amsterdam was once a land development area that was 1877, the municipality of Amsterdam assigned. In 1935 the municipality was a decision taken for a possible tunnel after the general propagation Plan ( " Allgemeen Uitbreidungsplan " AUP). Due to the ever increasing population growth and the associated housing beginning of the 20th century it was to create a transport connection to the north of the city in the 1960s of great importance. The compound was controlled before the construction of IJtunnels by ferry. However, this could no longer cope with the growing traffic. In 1957 started the construction and on 30 October 1968, the tunnel was completed with a length of 1,682 meters and a height of 4.08 meters.

Two buildings on IJufer provide the tunnel with fresh air and sucking from the car exhaust. With 22 surveillance cameras of two-lane traffic will be controlled. In winter, protect mounted below the heating tubes tunnel road the road ahead of frost damage. A computer regulates the light conditions, so that a smooth transition takes place from tunnel after daylight.

The Science Center "Nemo" was built over the south entrance of the IJtunnels.

The over 40 years of existing tunnel was closed in both directions between June and August 2008. This was due to maintenance work. 2011 the connecting tunnel for maintenance work to be temporarily closed.