Ikaho, Gunma

Ikaho (Japanese伊 香 保 町, machi ) was a town in Kitagunma -gun in Gunma prefecture.


Ikaho is located between the valley of clays, where the center of Shibukawa is, and the more than 1,400 meters high mountain Haruna Haruna and the lake at its foot.


Ikaho was created in 1889 by the merger of the villages Ikaho, Mizusawa (水 沢) and Yunakago (汤中子).

In 2006, she was as well as the villages of Akagi, Kitatachibana, Komochi and Onogami part of town, Shibukawa.


Nationally known is the Ikaho - Onsen, whose existence has been handed down already from the 7th century. Numerous hotels, guest houses and souvenir shops have settled in Ikaho for this reason. The source is located south of the town center behind the Ikaho Shrine, leading up to the 360 levels high stone staircase from 1567 from the resort. Several golf courses have been created in the area.

The Mizusawa -dera, a temple of the Tendai shū, with over a thousand year history is located a few kilometers south-east and is part of Bandō Sanjūsankasho, 33 Kannon temples dedicated to lying on a pilgrimage tour through the east of Japan.

Ikaho is also known for Mizusawa udon, the noodles are made from the cultivated wheat in the area.

South of the town lies on the Monokikiyama (物 闻 山) the Ikaho Rink (伊香保 リンク, Ikaho rinku, dt " skating rink Ikaho ").


The Ikaho cable car (伊香保 ロープウェイ, Ikaho Ropeway ) connecting the ground station Hototogisu with the station Miharashi (见 晴, " view" ) on Monokikiyama. It overcomes a height difference of 182 meters.

The prefectural road 33 leads from the city center Shibukawas the east by the place to Haruna Lake in the west. From it branches off to the southeast, the prefectural road 15 as Jozo - Yong Jiang Panorama Route (上毛 三山 パノラマ 街道, Jozo - Yong Jiang panorama Kaido ) from; as Jozo - Yong Jiang, the three highest mountains in the area referred to: the Akagi in the east, the Haruna in the west and the Myogi in the southwest.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kogure Budayū, Japanese Minister of Transport