Iychernofret, also Ichernofret, practiced at the end of the reign of the Egyptian king Sesostris III. (about 1872 BC to about 1852 BC) and the beginning of the reign of his son Amenemhet III. ( 1853 to 1805 BC), the Office of the royal " Treasurer " from.


Iychernofret is mainly known from his steles, which he had erected at Abydos. On one of the pillars, which is now housed in Berlin 's Egyptian Museum, a biographical text with useful advice is to Osiris at Abydos. On this stele is reported that the king ordered the officials to perform the worship of God, he should produce images of the gods and to build above all a God bark. Furthermore taught Iychernofret from a relocation of the Upuaut, in which he drove the enemies of the bark and the enemies of Osiris destroyed, indicating apparently dramatic performances during the Osiriskultes.


Not much is known about the actual person Iychernofret. His father is never mentioned. His mother's name was Zatchons. Iychernofret grew according to his statement to the Royal Palace, and received at age 26, the first major office.