Im Hinteren Eis

In the rear view of ice from the rise to the Grawand. Links in the center the Beautiful Prospect Cottage.

At the back an ice 3270 m is s.l.m. high, not glaciated peak at the southern end of the Ötztal Alps on the border between Austria and Italy. The mountain forms, together with the inside source peak ( 3514 m above sea level. A. ), the Teufelsegg ( 3227 m above sea level. A. ) and the Egg ( 3219 m above sea level. A. ) the southern border of the Hintereis Ferner.

Starting point for the ascent of lightweight hiking summit with excellent views of the Beautiful - view - hut ( 2842 m asl ), which is achieved by Südtirol fastest of Maso Corto in the valley of the Schnalstal.

From the provided with a simple metal cross peak offers an impressive panoramic view of the glaciated mountains: on the nearby White Ball ( 3739 m) and the Langtauferer peak ( 3529 m ) with the Hintereisferner as well as to the entire white crest to the wild- peak ( 3770 m), Hochjochferner with the bounding it peaks like Fineilspitze ( 3514 m) and Saykogel ( 3355 m), in addition to the Salurnspitze also nearby ( 3435 m), behind which the Ortler group draws attention to itself.