Indonesia Stock Exchange

The Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX short ) is a stock exchange based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The stock market was formerly known as Jakarta Stock Exchange, this changed in 2007, after the merger with the Surabaya Stock Exchange. On 31 December 2007 the Indonesia Stock Exchange 383 listed company had a market capitalization of 212 billion U.S. dollars. Index of the Indonesian Stock Exchange is the IDX Composite (formerly JSX Composite).


The Indonesia Stock Exchange was opened by the Dutch colonial government on December 14, 1912. Due to the First or the Second World War, the stock market was closed for more. In 1977, by the President Suharto reopening. However, investments were made in the years 1977-1987 little in Indonesian securities. This changed in December 1987 by new regulations. 2007 merged the Jakarta Stock Exchange along with the Surabaya Stock Exchange to Indonesia Stock Exchange. The current location of the Indonesian stock exchange is located in the building in the IDX Sudirman Central Business District.