Infiniti LE

Infiniti LE

The Infiniti LE is a concept car, the Infiniti at the New York Auto Show 2012 presented. The name LE stands for Luxury and Electric. An Infiniti spokesman said the vehicle was a precursor, a series model would appear in 2014.

The Infiniti LE is based on the platform of the Nissan Leaf, unlike this to the electric motor here 100 instead of 80 kW afford. Under the passenger compartment is a 24 kWh or even larger lithium -ion battery serve as a storage source, and amount to the range about 100 km.

The LE is particularly aerodynamically styled for this purpose and equipped with specially shaped wheels, front spoiler and side skirts give a low drag coefficient of 0.25 is achieved. The LE would be the first vehicle from the brand with front-wheel drive Infiniti I30 after when the car goes into production.

LE is an essential feature of the inductive wireless charging. The vehicle is charged by parking over a charging station instead of charging cable and socket. In addition, the charge can also be effected by means of normal DC50 kW quick charger.

In July 2013 said the competent Nissan chief for global planning Andy Palmer, the start of production of the LE is delayed a bit, since there would be interesting advances in electric vehicle technology, such as new and more powerful lithium -ion battery technology with increased range and lower price, which you still wanted to be incorporated into the model.