Insolation (from Latin insolare " the sun expose ", " warm ") is the incidence of solar radiation. It provides for the warming of the earth so that the sun's energy is available for living things. It also acts on the substrate and results in varying exposure noticeable fluctuations of the bottom temperature, which contribute to the mechanical weathering. These phenomena include core jumps and desquamation. Is measured insolation with the actinometer.

Furthermore, the insolation meteorological phenomena caused as the steady onshore wind to elongate coasts: the day warms up the land by the insolation faster than the sea, by air rises over the land to tend to and flows from the sea.

In astronomy, the insolation can be observed in extrasolar planets with close orbits, see Hot Jupiter.

In dermatology, the insolation is considered on the human skin, such as occurs while sunbathing.


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