Internet Messaging Program

The Internet Messaging Program (in short: IMP) is an open source webmail for Horde Framework on PHP - based.

IMP was originally a stand-alone program. However, since many suggestions for improvement and enhancement requests the user base theme could not be assigned to the area webmail, there was a separation in the framework Horde and the acts building upon module IMP. A working installation of Horde has since been necessary for the operation of IMP.

IMP can access other Horde modules over the Horde API. So, for example, use the IMP Turba module as an address book or save from an email out notes in mnemonic ( Hordes virtual notebook ).

IMP engages in newer versions back to implement various functions quite heavily on JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. For older browsers, the traditional view is still available to avoid possible difficulties with modern technologies.


In addition to the mandatory Web-based access to IMAP, POP3 and SMTP server IMP provides the following functions:

  • IMAP Folder Subscription
  • Creating IMAP folders can be restricted
  • The namespace of the IMAP server can be determined via RFC 3501
  • Encryption with GPG / PGP and S / MIME
  • Thread View ( for reading mailing lists)
  • Support for spam detection programs such as SpamAssassin
  • E -mail attachments can be loaded in conjunction with the module Gollem directly from or to the web space of the user into
  • E -mail attachments can be collected downloaded as a ZIP file
  • A WYSIWYG editor is available for creating HTML emails
  • Ispell or aspell can be linked to the spell checker
  • Virtual directories (all unread e- mails can be displayed in a virtual input directory. Same goes for e- mails that match a specified search criterion).


Mobile IMP

MIMP is a stripped down version of IMP for WAP -enabled mobile phones and PDAs. The functions of MIMP include browsing, mailboxes, and view, delete, forward, reply and create e -mails.

A first version for production use was issued on 7 June 2006.

Besides MIMP for WAP phones, there are now at IMP 5 a display for AJAX-enabled smartphones based on jQuery Mobile


DIMP is a version of IMP with fully dynamic interface that is implemented via Ajax. DIMP is in Horde 3 is a separate product that is based on IMP 4. From Horde 4 DIMP is firmly integrated in IMP 5.