Invasion (disambiguation)

Invasion (from the Latin invadere " penetrate ") stands for:

  • Invasion ( Military ), the incidence of troops to a particular area
  • Biological invasion, the introduction of a biological species in a new area


  • Invasion (Medicine), the penetration of an object in the body, see also Minimally invasive surgery
  • The crossing of tissue boundaries in solid cancers, see invasive growth
  • A passive penetration of pathogens of violations of the natural barriers of the host, see Vector (biology)


  • Title of the seventh episode of the German TV series Space Patrol from 1966, see Space Patrol # Invasion
  • Invasion ( TV series), an American SF television series of 2005/ 06
  • Invasion ( film ), American science-fiction film (2007)
  • Invasion ( 2012), German - Austrian drama film
  • Invasions, Swedish rock band

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