Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Station


The power station Iron Gate 1 (Serbian Ђердап I / Djerdap I,. Rum Portile de Fier I) is the largest river power plant in the Danube River on the border between Serbia and Romania, and is located at the Iron Gate. It is in front of the power station Iron Gate 2, the penultimate power plant before the Danube Delta in the Black Sea.

With planning used by both countries equally dam was begun in 1964, started its operation in 1972. The backwater gave rise to the 150- kilometer Djerdapsee. The water level has been raised by 35 meters. In addition to the energy generation as well as the waterways on the Danube was to develop and facilitate the ship's passage.

For completion date is counted as the world's largest hydroelectric power plant with a maximum capacity of 2052 MW. In 1999 began the former Sulzer Hydro, now Andritz Hydro, with the renewal of the Romanian part of the power plant, the maximum capacity of six generators was increased from each 175 MW to 194.4 MW, bringing the total power plant capacity was increased to 2192 MW. The restoration of the Serbian power plant part in collaboration with the Engineering Plant Ryazan (Russian: Рязанский станкостроительный завод ) began in July 2008 and as at mid-2010, still in process. The standard capacity of the Romanian side is 5.4 TWh per year, the Serbian power plant site currently comes despite small bottleneck capacity to 5.65 TWh.