ISS A / S is a Danish service company based in Copenhagen. The company sees itself as a general contractor in the field of facility management, maintenance of buildings and equipment. Other services include, among others, the pest control, horticulture, document destruction, security services, aircraft maintenance, as well as the reception and telephone service. The name ISS had since the company was founded alternate meanings and stands for " Integrated Service Solutions".

In fiscal 2011, the ISS Holding had an annual turnover of 10.44 billion euro worldwide and employed 534,500 employees, of whom about 11,300 in Germany.


The beginnings of ISS go back to the company Kjøbenhavn - Frederiksberg Nattevagt, a small company, founded in 1901 Copenhagen Security guard companies. This was in 1918 renamed to De Forenede Vagtselskaber, from which in 1934 was a cleaning company by the name of Det Danske Rengøringsselskab ( DDRS ).

1968 another company, the International Sanitary Systems (ISS ) was founded. This changed its name in 1973 in International Service System and was also the parent company for its international acquisitions.

ISS is one of the world's largest building service provider.

In 2005, ISS was acquired by a consortium of EQT and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners for a price of 470 DKK / share ( DKK 30 billion ), with the delisting listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange has been set.


  • Building Cleaning Maintenance cleaning
  • Special cleaning
  • Washroom Service
  • Ventilation and air cleaning
  • Operational services Reception & Telephone Service
  • Shredding
  • Security Services
  • Moving Services
  • Innenbegrünung
  • Real estate service Technical maintenance
  • Horticulture and entertaining
  • Winter service
  • Pest Control ( ISS Pest Control)
  • Parking areas Service
  • Disposal
  • Industrial Maintenance and Service
  • Channel, road and tunnel maintenance
  • Aviation services
  • Integrated Facility Services