EQT Partners

EQT Partners AB is a company operating in Northern Europe and Asia Investment Group (private equity) with the headquarters in Stockholm. It was founded in 1994 by the Swedish Investor AB and is still 31% in their possession. The remaining 69 % are held by EQT Partners BV of the partners of the company.

Company Profile

Subsidiaries are located in Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Zurich, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London and New York. The main focus of EQT is the growth of finance companies with the equity fund EQT, EQT Greater China, EQT Infrastructure and EQT Expansion Capital.

EQT buys or financed mainly well-positioned mid-sized companies and tries to sustainably develop their market position. EQT manages with as of 2009 had a total value of 13 billion euros of equity in 12 funds and has invested approximately EUR 7 billion in over 70 companies.


  • Germany CBR Holding ( EQT Equity V), since April 2007
  • Cinterion Wireless Modules ( EQT Expansion Capital II), from May 2008
  • Kabel BW ( EQT Equity IV and V), since December 2006,
  • Leybold Optics ( EQT Equity III), sold to Buhler AG since December 2001, 2012
  • PharmaZell ( EQT Expansion I), since May 2007
  • SAG ( EQT Equity V), since February 2008
  • Sausalito Holding ( EQT Expansion Capital II), March 2008
  • Springer Science Business Media ( EQT Equity V), sold since February 2010, August 2013 mainly to BC Partners
  • Bohlen & Doyen Construction company ( EQT Equity V), since October 2010,
  • UDG United Digital Group ( EQT Expansion Capital II), since June 2011
  • BSN Medical ( EQT Equity VI), since June 2012
  • EEW Energy from Waste, since March 2013
  • Roeser Medical ( EQT Expansion Capital II), since August 2010
  • Avenso GmbH ( EQT Mid Market ), since October 2013
  • Eastern Europe CableTel and Eurocom ( EQT Equity V), since October 2009,
  • HTL Strefa ( EQT Equity V), since December 2009,
  • Investments outside Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe are not limited to: Aleris AB ( hospital chain )
  • Gambro (dialysis world market leader )
  • ISS ( Services )
  • Select Service Partner - SSP ( Reisegastronomie, Office: United Kingdom)
  • UC4 Software ( IT Automation, Office: Austria, taking over in the fourth quarter of 2012 )

Examples of already divested holdings in Germany are the fragrances and flavors fabric manufacturer Symrise, EQT acquired 2001 and has successfully floated on the stock exchange, 2006. 2005 MTU Friedrichshafen was taken and brought to the market under the name Tognum 2007. This was the largest IPO to go public since the Deutsche Post.