Wallenberg family

The Wallenberg family is the wealthiest and most influential family dynasty in Sweden. Since the founding of the " Stockholms Enskilda Bank" in 1856 by André Oscar Wallenberg, from which the still existing major bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken ( SEB) emerged, the family has been working in the banking industry.

Play in the industry

However, their popularity and importance owes the family owned their shares in the Swedish industrial companies. These interests are usually not in the form of direct equity ownership, but as majority interests in investment companies as of Investor AB, which in turn are the largest single shareholder of the company. Because of this practice, it is the Wallenberg family for generations possible to fill board positions of parties to an extent that goes far beyond the proportional share of their actual possessions. This practice is supported by a Swedish legislation, which allows to apply through cross-shareholdings of companies, shares with different voting rights, as well as personal connections with low ownership shares a dominant control over the company. This practice is also used by other Swedish families, however, the Wallenberg family is by far the largest contiguous shareholders.

According to estimates, around 40 percent of the market capitalization of Swedish industry are controlled by the Wallenberg. This means an unprecedented concentration of power in Europe, which leads, among other things, that the family was a major player national industrial policy by tuning the companies controlled by it. Monitoring of the Wallenberg is stabilized for decades by the support of workers and the (mostly ruling ) Swedish social democracy because the corporate policy of family as opposed to liberalized markets rely on long -term, growth-oriented developments and stable labor relations oriented.

Thus, the industrial empire of Wallenberg is an integral part of the " Swedish model " cooperative industrial relations. Another particular advantage is according to analysts, the global information system of the family of experts and former senior employees.

The companies in the sphere of influence of Wallenberg's are internationalized in above-average extent. One can argue that this long tradition international growth and technological interdependence has contributed significantly to the development of Sweden from a poor agricultural country to a highly developed industry and the welfare state, the so-called " Folkhemmet " ( people's home ), contributed.

Wallenberg group of companies

To Wallenberg group of companies include: AB SKF, ABB, AstraZeneca, Atlas Copco, Contex, Electrolux, Ericsson, Husqvarna, IBX, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, SEB and since 2007 on Husqvarna also Gardena.

In Germany exist since 1994 on the investment subsidiary EQT private equity investments, among other things: Carl Zeiss Vision ( the eyeglass business of Carl Zeiss ), Kabel BW, Leybold Optics (until 2012 ) and SAG Group.

Known family members

  • Jacob Wallenberg (1746-1778): Swedish clergyman and author
  • Marcus Wallenberg (1774-1833): son of Jacob Wallenberg, Bishop of Linköping
  • André Oscar Wallenberg (1816-1886): Son of Marcus Wallenberg, a Swedish naval officer, newspaper editor, politician and founder of the SEB
  • Knut Agathon Wallenberg (1853-1938): son of André Oscar Wallenberg, a Swedish banker and politician ( Swedish Foreign Minister from 1914 to 1917 )
  • Gustaf Wallenberg (1863-1937): son of André Oscar Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat
  • Lawrence Marcus Wallenberg senior (1864-1943): son of André Oscar Wallenberg, a Swedish banker and industrialist
  • Jacob Wallenberg senior (1892-1980): Son of Marcus Wallenberg ( senior), Swedish banker, industrialist and diplomat
  • Marcus Wallenberg Jr. (1899-1982): Son of Marcus Wallenberg ( senior), Swedish banker, industrialist and diplomat
  • Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1947? ): Grandson of Gustaf Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and rescuer of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust
  • Marc Wallenberg (1924-1971): Son of Marcus Wallenberg ( junior), Swedish banker and industrialist
  • Peter Wallenberg senior (1926 ): son of Marcus Wallenberg ( junior), Swedish banker and industrialist
  • Jacob Wallenberg ( b. 1956 ): son of Peter Wallenberg ( senior), Swedish banker and industrialist
  • Marcus Wallenberg (* 1956): Son of Marc Wallenberg, a Swedish banker and industrialist
  • Peter Wallenberg Jr. ( b. 1959 ): son of Peter Wallenberg ( senior)