It Was an Accident

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor: Nicky Burkett
  • Max Beesley: Mickey Cousins
  • James Bolam: Vernon Fitch
  • Nicola Stapleton: Kelly
  • Neil Dudgeon: Holdsworth
  • Hugh Quarshie: George Hurlock
  • Thandie Newton: Noreen Hurlock
  • Jacqueline Williams: Sharon
  • Sidh Solanki: Rameez
  • Cavan Clerkin: Jimmy
  • Sally Chattaway: Terri
  • Paul Chowdhry: Rafiq Roy
  • Kolade Agboke: Gaz
  • Johnny Harris: Robbie

It Was an Accident is a British comedy film from the year 2000. Directed by Metin Hüseyin, the screenplay was written by Ol Parker based on a novel by Jeremy Cameron.


Nicky Burkett is released after five years in prison and returns to his district of Walthamstow in North London. The policeman George Hurlock is against a relationship with his daughter Noreen Burkett and harassed the man.

Burkett gets job offers from the gangster Mickey Cousins ​​and Rameez, the friend of his sister Sharon. Between cousins ​​and Rameez it comes to open rivalry. Burkett meets Kelly, with whom he has a son. As Burkett needs money for his son, he finally works for Vernon Fitch, which leads to violence.


Derek Elley wrote in the journal Variety of 2 November 2000, the film was a " surprisingly ingenious gangster comedy ". Between the several ethnic groups belonging performers conquer good chemistry. The script was well written and show the personalities of the characters, which is a rarity in contemporary British cinema ( "Script is a rare thing in current British cinema - well- worked and with personality and shape" ). The North American and non-English speaking audience could not respond fully to the film.


Producer and Courtney Pine as a composer were nominated in 2000 for the British Independent Film Award.


The film was shot in London. He started in British cinemas on 27 October 2000.