IV is the abbreviation for:

  • Private transport, a common abbreviation in transport planning
  • Industry, Austrian advocacy of industrialists in Austria
  • Information processing, see data processing
  • Initialization vector for encryption in CBC mode
  • Centre Back in sport
  • Internal management, see Public Administration
  • Instrument variable in the statistics
  • Integrated care
  • Disability Insurance ( Liechtenstein ) in the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Disability Insurance ( Switzerland ) in Switzerland
  • Glazing, colloquially mistaken for heat insulation glazing, see Insulating glass
  • VG Airlines, used IATA code of the former Belgian airline
  • The post code area Inverness ( as the initial character of a postal code in the United Kingdom)

IV also stands for:

  • The number four

Py is the abbreviation for:

  • In authority ( in correspondence), see power of attorney, power of attorney
  • In representation, in reference to " full power ", see Representation ( Germany )

V. i is the abbreviation for:

  • Intravenously administered directly into the medicine into the bloodstream drugs

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