IW is an abbreviation for:

  • AOM French Airlines ( later Air Lib ), was a French airline, based in Orly after the IATA code
  • Icewars, a browser game
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Infinity Ward development studio for video games from the USA
  • Information economy, comprising the entire information and communications industry sector
  • German Economic Institute, a employer -level economic research institute, based in Cologne
  • Institute of Materials Science, see Materials Science
  • Irish Wolfhound, an organization recognized by the FCI breed from Ireland
  • Israelite weekly, Jewish weekly newspaper, today Tachles

IW as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Northern Ireland: County Londonderry

I.W. is an abbreviation for:

  • Hereafter the '

I w. is an abbreviation for:

  • In the other, see i e S.
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