Iwuy is a commune with 3201 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Nord, in the Nord -Pas -de -Calais. Administratively it belongs to the district of Cambrai Cambrai and Canton -Est. She is also a member of the Association of Municipalities Agglomà de Cambrai.

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The community Iwuy located in the extreme north of France at the mouth of Erclin in the channelized river Scheldt, between the cities of Cambrai and Valenciennes. The bottom relief of the municipality is mostly flat, in the southeast rise low hills, the highest point in the municipality area is located here at 81 m above sea level. The territory of the municipality as well as the surrounding area almost treeless. Only near the Scheldt, smaller floodplain forests (Les Petits Bois ) have held. Outside the closed settlement pattern of the village core are wide open fields and pastures.

Neighboring communities of Iwuy are Hordain in the north, Avesnes- le -Sec in the northeast, Villers -en- Cauchies in the east, Rieux -en- Cambrésis in the southeast, Naves in the south, Thun -Saint -Martin in the southwest, Thun- l'Evêque in west and Estrun in the northwest.


Findings of hewn stones and remains of tombs suggest a settlement of the area around Iwuy already in prehistoric times.

Around the time of the surroundings of Iwuy was inhabited by the tribe of the Nervians. They built their stilt houses on the right, the eastern bank of the Scheldt. A bridge over the Scheldt linking the right bank of the oppidum of Estrun. Remains of the piles could be recovered in the construction of a mansion.

After the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar in the 4th century the nearby Cambrai was an important city of the Romans. Testify urns, jewelry and coins with portraits of Roman emperors, who were found here.

After the Treaty of Verdun in 843, the Scheldt formed at Iwuy the border between the kingdoms of Charles the Bald and Louis the Pious for 800 years; Iwuy then became part of the circle of Cambrésis Erclindie in the County of Hainaut within the Holy Roman Empire.

The first known Iwuy dominant noble family were the Écaillon whose toothed cross in the coat of arms was the inspiration for the coat of arms of Iwuy.

At the beginning of the Hundred Years' War suffered severe devastation Iwuy by British, Flemish and French troops.


Culture and sights


  • Church of St. Vedast in Iwuy
  • Church of St. Vedast ( Église Saint- Vaast ) from the 18th century
  • Notre- Dame de Grâce
  • Mansion built in the year 1338 - 1720 by Claude Le Blanc (1669-1728), a nobleman and administrator in several provinces, were acquired.
  • Niagara cemetery - cemetery for fallen soldiers of World War I British ( cimetière militaire britannique )

Folklore and Carnival

The Géants d' Iwuy ( German: Giants of Iwuy ) are in the Nord-Pas -de- Calais region in northern France and neighboring Belgium widespread traditional feasts on giant figures ( Géants du Nord ). Figures from Iwuy hot Alfred El'Rempailleux ( created 2002) and Joseph El'Carrioteux and Eugénie El'Canneleuse ( created 2006). Since 2005, the performances by UNESCO under the title processions of giants and dragons from Belgium and France are listed as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Economy and infrastructure

The residents of Iwuy work in agriculture (cereals cultivation, animal husbandry ), in small craft and service industries or in industrial areas on the periphery of the village ( Parc d' Activités du Val de Calvigny ). Many residents commute to the nearby commercial and administrative center of Cambrai.

The Autoroute A2, which forms part of the compound from the Greater Paris to Belgium and the industrial area around Lille, rub in the northwest of the municipality. From an access to the A2 main road runs by Cambrair by Iwuy. Further road links exist with the neighboring communities Avesnes- le -Src undRieux -en- Cambrésis.

The Iwuy railway station is on the railway line opened in 1858 from Busigny after Somain, operated by transport companies TER Nord-Pas- de -Calais.