Ixthuluh was a krautrock band from Austria. The band can be assigned no fixed drawers. Started 1975/76 as a jazz-rock band changed the style of the band soon in its own direction, which can be most adequately described by psychedelic rock.

Band History

The band was founded ( which is called from the spring of 1976 Ixthuluh ) Dita Lasser (guitar, vocals), James Geiblinger (bass ), Max Wedl (saxophone ) and Michael Brandstetter (drums). Initially inspired by bands like Can, Gato Barbieri and Van der Graaf Generator, they started early in the search for his own sound.

The band bought a 1977 's farm and was the band Ixthuluh for collective Ixthuluh.

In 1979, Werner Ponesch parted with the meantime established record sales Ixthuluh, which has become a major independent label in Austria

A total of five CDs documenting the career of the band. The strongest album is the 1980 -established Tea At Two, which is compact and all of a piece and the sound of the band and the intensity of interest the best.

The end of 1981, the band has finally evaporated. The follow-up group MUB could not really tie in with the musical quality, even if the second album of the group is something new and unique and interesting from the sound.


  • Rock band
  • Austrian band
  • Progressive rock band
  • Krautrock band