J. Barkley Rosser

John Barkley Rosser Sr. (December 6, 1907 in Jacksonville, Florida; † September 5, 1989 in Madison, Wisconsin) was American logician and mathematician. He is the father of John Barkley Rosser Jr. economy mathematician


Rosser earned his Bachelor of Science in 1929 and 1931 his Master of Science at the University of Florida. He made in 1934 at Princeton University, his doctorate. He then taught at Princeton, Harvard and Cornell, Iowa and continued his career at the University of Wisconsin- Madison continued. He still held over the age of 70 years lectures and died in 1989 at home in Madison, Wisconsin.

In addition to teaching Rosser has participated in numerous committees and associations. He was chairman of the Association for Symbolic Logic and the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Member of the Advisory Board for spacecraft on the Advisory Board of the Apollo project. He provided early contributions to computer science and helped the Polaris missile to develop. He was Director of the U. S. Army Mathematics Research Center at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. In addition, he wrote mathematical textbooks.


Rosser was a student of Alonzo Church. He has contributed to many areas, including symbolic logic, ballistics, missile development and analytical number theory.

Rosser contributed to the set of Church - Rosser in the lambda calculus in, developed the Rosser sieve, a screening method in analytic number theory, found and proved the theorem of Rosser from the theory of prime numbers, and proved in 1936 a stronger version of Gödel 's First incompleteness, by showing that the condition of - consistency can be weakened to consistency. Instead of the set of the Liar, which says "I am not provable ", he used the statement " For every proof to me there is a shorter proof of my logical negation ".


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